Wednesday, September 16, 2020

WEEK 1 Follow-Up for 

Being Church in a Digital Age

What a gift to gather from across synods to explore God’s calling for our communities of faith in a digital landscape. Ryan Panzer, our presenter, gave us much to think about. The one thing that is sticking with us is how many people were googling prayer as the number of people dying during the pandemic reached a high point. We wonder, did they encounter our churches? Lutheran voices? By engaging the digital space, we clearly have an opportunity to meet people where they are.  
You can access the recording, slides, and links shared in the chat in this email.

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If you would like to pre-order Ryan’s book, you can do so at with a 30% discount. The code is: PANZER30.

We look forward to joining you again next week where we talk the digital landscape of worship!


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Your friends from the leadership of the North Carolina, Virginia, and Southeastern Synods.

Presenter Ryan Panzer - Author, Researcher, Instructional Designer

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