Wednesday, September 23, 2020

WEEK 2 Follow-Up for 

Being Church in a Digital Age

We give thanks for your participation in Being Church in the Digital Age and for the opportunity to discuss options for digital worship. For many congregations, the move to digital worship happened quickly and out of necessity. As we look to a future where digital worship offerings will become a regular part of the life and rhythm of many congregations, now is a good time to stop and assess where you are and what are the next steps for this increasingly vital part of your ministry.
Several people asked in the chat about copyright issues and worship. In the links, you will find information from CCLI about copyrights and a link to webinar and written information on copyrights from a consulting group that works with the NC Synod.  
You can access the recording, slides, and links shared in the chat in this email.

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We look forward to joining you again next week where we talk the digital landscape of worship!


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Presenter Ryan Panzer - Author, Researcher, Instructional Designer

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