Thursday, October 1, 2020

WEEK 3 Follow-Up for 

Being Church in a Digital Age


Thank you for participating in the Being Church in a Digital Age webinar series.  We have enjoyed this opportunity to explore the foundations of digital ministry, discuss ideas for digital ministry, and consider approaches for creating engagement in the digital space.
Whether you are new to digital ministry or trying to refine your approach, "Being the Church in a Digital Age" gives us the opportunity to strengthen and support the ministry already happening in our congregations and to expand our proclamation of the Good News about Jesus to those who inhabit the digital world.
Along with the video and slides from this week’s webinar, we have included the links and websites which were referenced this week.

Click image below for video:

Resources and Links from Discussion and Chat

Prayer and Reflection Apps

Communication Apps

Spirituality/Devotional Sites

Design Thinking and Online Tools for Collaboration


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Thank you for joining us in our talks on Being the Church in the Digital Age!

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+ In Christ,

Your friends from the leadership of the North Carolina, Virginia, and Southeastern Synods.

Presenter Ryan Panzer - Author, Researcher, Instructional Designer

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