We have LOTS of information to share with you, down below.  But FIRST, a word of thanks...


To all Deacons, Musicians, Pastors and other church staff:

Your tireless efforts have been seen.  You are a blessing to the world.  You care for the people of your congregations and your neighbors.  Please know this:  You are SEEN!  You are LOVED!  We do NOT take you for granted.

We know you are exhausted.  Please receive this blessing, from John O'Donahue, entitled "For One Who is Exhausted," HERE.

And a prayer for us all, from Evangelical Lutheran Worship:  "O God, full of compassion, we commit and commend ourselves to you, in whom we live and move and have our being.  Be the goal of our pilgrimage, and our rest by the way.  Give us refuge from the turmoil of world distractions beneath the shadow of your wings.  Let our hears, so often a sea of restless waves, find peace in you, O God; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen."

Be well, friends!

+ In Christ, your Southeastern Synod Staff


News From Around the Synod

All Saints Service - November 1, 4pm EDT / 3pm EDT - livestream

Join Bishop Strickland as we come together to give thanks for the lives of the saints, lament the pandemic of COVID19, the pandemic of racism, and lament all the little losses we have incurred during these pandemic days.

Centered in prayer and in God’s Word, we will be reminded and remind one another that in God’s likeness we awaken and will know everlasting peace.

Please join us November 1, on the Synod Website or Facebook page.

Click HERE for more details.


A Time for Listening - From Racism to Racial Healing

An event for rostered ministers only:

  • Monday, October 26 at 6pm EDT / 5pm CDT

The Southeastern Synod is offering a time for all of our rostered ministers to continue our work on combatting racism. We are honored to have Dr. Catherine Meeks lead us in this conversation.  

CLICK HERE to learn more and to register.


Congregation Meetings and Making Constitutional Changes...during a PANDEMIC

The synod staff has developed some documentation around two important elements in the life of a congregation (especially during this pandemic):

1- How to hold your ANNUAL Congregation Meetings ONLINE during a PANDEMIC

2 - How to revise your Congregation Constitution

Simply click the links above to access these important documents!

Emotional & Spiritual Care in Disaster

Thursday, October 29, 2pm EDT / 1pm CDT

Being present and providing emotional spiritual care in a time of disaster is critical.  It’s what we are called to do as church, as children of a loving God called to bear that love out into the world for the sake of our neighbor.  
This 2 hour webinar focuses on how to render psychological first aid and provide emotional spiritual care in a disaster.

Click here to REGISTER and to learn more.


Another word of "Thanks!"

After the Virtual GALA, we received this special thank you video from Pastora Karen Castillo, president of ILAG; Beatriz Castillo, housemother for MILAGRO; and some of the young women in the MILAGRO Women’s Education Center.

To view Pastor Karen's THANK YOU VIDEO, or to make a DONATION, click here for our ILAG / Gala page.


Synod Staff Announcement and Latino Ministry Strategy

Bishop Strickland makes synod staff announcement and commitment to building a Latino Ministry Strategy for the Southeastern Synod.

Click HERE for more details.


Faith Formation

Advent Lectionary Study and Worship Planning

Via Zoom, October 21 and 28, and November 4, 9:00-10:15am EDT / 8:00-9:15am CDT

Join Rev. Rachel Wrenn and Bishop Kevin Strickland for a four-week lectionary study on the Advent texts and opportunity to talk about worship planning.
Click HERE to sign up.


Synod-wide Advent Craft Day

Sunday, November 15

3-5pm EDT / 2-4pm CDT

We know this will look and feel like a much different Advent than ever before. How can we create beauty as a way to help us pray through the days, give a reminder or hope to someone, and joyfully anticipate the joy of Christ as Christmas? Join in! Everyone is creative and all are invited.

This is a hands-on craft day! Crafters, Sunday School teachers, Families… are all welcome to join in. Gather your supplies (a list will be provided after you register) and let’s craft together.

To register for the Zoom link and Supply List, click HERE.


For our Leaders

Ministry Funding Request

In our walking together as the Southeastern Synod, the Budget and Finance Committee will be meeting to develop the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Ministry Spending Plan and to make recommendations to the Southeastern Synod Council regarding the Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Ministry Spending Plan. In order to empower, equip and engage our work together we are accepting Funding Requests from committees, task-forces and ministries of the Southeastern Synod-ELCA.

Click HERE to make your request know to the Synod Budget and Finance Team.


Boundary Training Opportunity

Tuesday, November 10, 9am-12:30pm EDT / 8-11:30am CDT

All rostered ministers are currently required to take a Basic Boundary Workshop (addressing professional ethics, finances, use of social media, and the prevention of sexual misconduct) every three years.

The Southeastern Synod is committed to helping rostered ministers set and maintain appropriate boundaries for ministry, and for responding promptly and appropriately to complaints of boundary violations.

This Boundary Training is being provided by the Virginia Synod, and is being shared as an additional option to receive training.

Click HERE to register via the Virginia Synod website.


An Opportunity of Respite for Rostered Ministers

Jill Knueppel, a licensed massage therapist in Georgia with 22 years of experience working with Atlanta area chiropractors, is offering bodywork sessions to aid ELCA rostered persons around the Atlanta area.  These sessions are being offered at a significant discount from her usual charges and will be conducted in COVID safe conditions.

Click HERE to read more about this opportunity.


Interim Ministry Online Retreat

November 9-13, 2020

As we are all engaged in transitional ministry in this time of tremendous change, this virtual conference would be of benefit. Membership in the Interim Ministry Network or even serving as an interim pastor is not required. This conference is an opportunity to engage with practitioners of leading congregations through change.

Click HERE to learn more and to register.



Stewardship Update for Oct 20, 2020

Every month we update our Stewardship resources page and invite you take a look.  Here is what you will find in the Stewardship update for this month:

  • Year end giving
  • Electronic giving
  • Short stewardship videos
  • Where does my giving go?

Click here to see this important Stewardship UPDATE!!!


Children, Youth, and Young Adult

FREE Youth Ministry Training for Volunteer Leaders

Thursday, October 22, 7:00-8:30pm EDT / 6:00-7:30pm CDT

Come together to learn some youth ministry basics.  Let's figure out how to combine in-person and online events. 

How is the Spirit moving us from a stance of fear into a place of hope?  Let's figure it out together.

Click HERE to register.


All TN Lutheran Youth Gathering

Saturday, November 14

Location:  ONLINE!!!

We are combining some at-home events with a time of being together.  Oh, and we will have a special musical guest with us that evening.

Check back to our All TN Youth Gathering page to REGISTER and for more details.


2021 Extravaganza Interest Form

The ELCA Youth Ministry Network's annual children's, youth, and young adult training event, the Extravaganza, is happening February 5-6, 2020, for those participating online.   We have an interest form for you to fill out, letting us know how you plan on participating.

The cost is VERY ACCESSIBLE - only $25!!!  Well worth your time!

Click HERE to fill out our interest survey and to learn more about the Extravaganza!


Health News

Making a Wish - FLU Vaccinations (BLOG)

This is a re-post from Sept 8, 2020 e-news...

To say that the flu shot is singularly the most important available immunization that you might receive this season is an understatement. You might consider the flu vaccination to be an added protection from the coronavirus. Don’t get me wrong, the flu vaccine has nothing to do with providing you with immunity from Covid-19 but it will certainly help to keep you out of the walk-in-clinic or doctor’s office where others might be ill.  

Click here to read more about this blog post on this very important issue.


The 6-Month Wall

“The six-month mark in any sustained crisis is always difficult. We have all adjusted to this "new normal," but might now feel like we're running out of steam. Yet, at best, we are only one third of the way through this marathon. How can we keep going?"  - Prof. Aisha Ahmad

Click here to read this article to hear from someone else's perspective on hope during difficult times.



Prayer for Election Day

As we approach election day, here is a prayer that might be useful for reflection, and a link to ELCA Guide resources on voting.

Lord God, you call your people to honor those in authority. Help us elect trustworthy leaders, participate in wise decisions for our common life, and serve our neighbors in local communities. Bless the leaders of our land, that we may be at peace among ourselves and a blessing to other nations of the earth; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.


(Copyright © 2020 Augsburg Fortress. All rights reserved.)

For more information on faith formation through Advocacy, please check out our Synod Advocacy Policy Council on our synod website.

To sign up for up-to-date information on ELCAvotes, visit: 


Seminary Snapshot - Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary

Wednesday, October 21, 9:30am-5:00pm EDT / 8:30am-4:00pm CDT

Join us for a snapshot of seminary life! We’ll begin our day talking about discernment and God’s call to ministry. We’ll attend chapel together, and you’ll have the opportunity to sit in on a class. We promise lots of breaks and opportunities for conversation.

To learn more about this seminary experience, and to REGISTER, click here:

Under Virtual Information Sessions, select LTSS Campus. Our LTSS Seminary Snapshot will pop up, and you can register there.


Check out the Fall 2020 Crumley Archives Newsletter

Here is the link to the LATEST NEWSLETTER for the Crumley Archives.

Also, the Crumley Archives has a NEW domain name:


Daily Bread Matching Grants

Does your congregation participate in any type of feeding program, such as a food bank, weekend food backpacks for children, etc.?  If so, you might want to check into this information from our ELCA World Hunger ministry.  

Click HERE to read more.


Sign up to become an official member of ADLA (African Descent Lutheran Association)

The African Descent Lutheran Association develops important connections, advocates for congregations, promotes implementation of the National African Descent Strategy, and provides fellowship, learning and sharing opportunities. It also provides a forum for theological reflection for clergy and lay members through collaboration with other African descent organizations and networks.

To become a member, click HERE for the national ADLA website.

To learn more about our Southeastern Chapter, click HERE for the Southeastern Chapter ADLA Facebook page.


Prayers and Concerns
  • For the family and friends of Rev. Harry Carlsen, who died on October 8, 2020.  An obituary will be forthcoming.
  • For Rev. Robb Harrell upon the death of his mother, Ms. Sherri Lozano.


Rostered Ministers Transitions


  • Rev. Amy Carole Figg Ley, Senior Pastor - St. John's, Knoxville, TN - October 18
  • Rev. Steve Alsleben, Pastor - Triumphant Cross, Dothan, AL - October 25
  • Rev. Rich Mueller, Pastor - Holy Trinity, Daphne, AL - November 1


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