Congregations/Pastors in Mississippi,

It has come to my attention that the attached Alert came from the Mississippi Department of Health regarding the rate of COVID 19 currently in Mississippi and the current guidance from them regarding public gatherings. 

CLICK HERE to see Mississippi Health Department Alert

(dated 12/2/2020).

Please note that they are advising the following:

MSDH recommends that all Mississippians protect themselves and their families by avoiding public or social gatherings such as the following: 

  • Social events or parties 
  • Family gatherings outside of the household or nuclear family 
  • Weddings 
  • Funerals (other than close family and preferably outdoors) 
  • Sporting events 
  • In-person church services 

If your congregation is currently meeting in person physically, I am requesting that you immediately make plans to move to a digital platform and not meet in person for the safety of your community.  As I have stated prior, I can only make recommendations and that each individual congregation must make their own choices, but this is a clear recommendation from the Mississippi State Department of Health and I would advise you to heed their warnings. 

In Christ,

+  Bishop Kevin L. Strickland


CLICK HERE to see Mississippi Health Department Alert

(dated 12/2/2020).


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