Here is our follow up to the webinar entitled:

"The Hate U Give: Movie & Discussion"

on Sunday, May 16, 2021:


We want to thank all who could attend on Sunday, May 16, 2021, for this important conversation about racial justice.   The format we followed (movie, followed by small group conversations, followed by 10 minutes of large group discussion) we did NOT record any of the meeting.   Instead, we have some resources below for your consideration.


Diversity & Justice Task Force of the Southeastern Synod



Advocacy Work



Notes from the Community

  • One member of our gathered community on Sunday, May 16, share the following resources:
  • Here are books referenced in two of their workshops by the following titles:
  • Here is a word of encouragement, from one congregation's reactions to these (Just Faith) courses:
    • The two we did were very enlightening re: racial history - there is so much that we are not taught or exposed to. They also augment the learning with videos, articles, etc.  I highly recommend these studies. They are a great place to start. 
      The group that has taken these classes at our church now meet once a month to hold each other accountable in furthering our interests in social justice.  We share articles, videos, websites, books, etc. along with encounters we think need to be highlighted.  Some have become involved in organizations which work to help the city of Grand Rapids be aware of concerns within the community.  We also have a new West Michigan Broadbased Organization which is working to bring together organizations throughout the city and surrounding area to work together to advocate for change which benefit our families (with special attention to minority populations and diverse areas within the city).  Exciting stuff!
      As a church we found ourselves prompted by the Black Lives Matter movement to protest on our own property which is on a well traveled road in GR.  We had some 40 members join us throughout the weeks that we did it.  Each making their own signs to express how these issues affected us.  It got a lot of great feedback with honks & waves but also the negative. opened up dialogue with those who felt it necessary to stop and learn more.  We felt good about it and felt that our signage & presence brought awareness to these issues plus it made great use of our very visible out our call to speak for those whose voices are often squelched.
      I could go on and on. I am so grateful for the presentation of THE HATE YOU GIVE and wish everyone blessings as they open themselves to the pressing issues we face.


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+ In Christ, the Southeastern Synod Staff


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