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2023 Synod Assembly Wrap-Up

We are grateful for all of those who participated in the assembly as voting members, volunteers, worship leaders, speakers, guests, ministry partners, and more.  

Many thanks to Bishop Kevin Strickland and the incredible synod Southeastern Synod staff: Justin Eller, Jonathan Hemphill, Jill Henning, Michael Jannett, Linda Manson, Melissa Fuller, Holly Liersch, Allison Lizdas, P Morgan Gordy, Sue Tyler.

Here is a quick reference guide to election results, motions, videos, and more from the 2023 Southeastern Synod Assembly.


Theme / Location


We gathered in Chattanooga, TN, under the theme of

“Journey with Jesus. . .Formed in Faith” 




We invite all who attended the Synod Assembly to complete the Synod Assembly Survey by clicking the button below:

Assembly Evaluation →


Photos / Media


Click the button below to access photos from each day:






Many thanks to Warren Bielenberg for being our official Synod Assembly Photographer and for Pr. Mardy Ringer and Traci Ringer for filming during the weekend and also creating several synod ministry videos. 

Thanks also go to Sal Espino for the All GA Youth Gathering video.




We are delighted to announce the following who have been selected to..

Synod Council:

  • Phyllis Solgere - Vice President
  • David Lemcke - Treasurer
  • Imuzi Hall - Youth Representative to Synod Council
  • Sarah Stewart - At-Large, Lay Member
  • Beth Ford - At-Large, Lay Member
  • Susan Heun - Conf 1 Rep
  • Pr. Jennifer Roberts - Conf 2 Rep
  • Rick Goerss - Conf 3 Rep
  • Pr. Mike Millum - Conf 4 Rep
  • Deacon Sara Galyon - Conf 5 Rep

Committee members elected:

  • Discipline Committee:
    • Pr. Judy Bullock
    • Pr. Mica Koli




A majority vote approved the following items:





Advocacy Awareness


Graetz Advocacy Award

In 2017, the Southeastern Synod established the Robert S. and Jean E. Graetz Advocacy Award. This award was named after them for their lifetime of civil and human rights work, and their courage and faithfulness to the Gospel, lived out in their work.  Each year the Synod Council passes a resolution naming the recipient(s) of the award.   This award includes a gift of $1,000 payable to the non-profit of the recipient’s choosing by the Synod.

The 2023 Graetz Advocacy Award Winners:


Mr. Michael Holtz & Pr. Jill Henning Receiving the Graetz Advocacy Awards


Advocacy Action



Youth @ Assembly


We thank the Southeastern Synod Lutheran Youth Organization (SESLYO) for making their three plenary presentations throughout the weekend, holding their workshop entitled, "What is AGAPE?" and sitting as panelists for another workshop.

Click the links below for the plenary reports:

Many thanks to those who DONATED AUCTION ITEMS and to those who BOUGHT AUCTION ITEMS!   And also to all who donated directly to the Youth Scholarship Fund.  During this Silent Auction, you gave over $6,000 to youth scholarships!!!  THANK YOU!!!

Our youth helped to set up for the silent auction and provided testimony to their involvement in various youth events throughout the Southeastern Synod.


Keynote Speaker - President Guy Erwin


The 2023 Southeastern Synod Assembly Keynote Speaker was President Guy Erwin, United Lutheran Seminary, Philadelphia, PA.

Listen to his three keynote messages here:


Churchwide Representative - Rev. Kimberly Vaughn


The Rev. Kimberly Vaughn was the ELCA Churchwide Representative to the 2023 Southeastern Synod Assembly.

Listen to her presentation here:


Formation Speaker: Rev. Dr. Dawn Rundman, PhD


We are thankful that the Rev. Dr. Dawn Rundman was able to be with us for the FORMATION Breakfast and to lead a workshop on Neurodiversity and Worship.

The Rev. Dr. Dawn Rundman, PhD. Dr. Rundman holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Oregon and is Director of Development for Faith Formation Resources at Augsburg Fortress and Sparkhouse, both publishing imprints of 1517. She has developed over 20,000 pages of faith formation curriculum and five Bibles for kids. She’s also written a parenting book titled, “Little Steps, Big Faith: How the Science of Early Childhood Can Help You Grow Your Child’s Faith.”


Spiritual Moments


"Walking Wet" moments were held throughout the Synod Assembly, as members of the Assembly gave testimony to the connection between their baptism and their callings in life.

Click HERE to access the LIVE recordings of the "Walking Wet"

moments from the Assembly.


We also give thanks for the chaplains that served the Assembly:

  • Pr. Jennifer Roberts
  • Pr. Marie Kane
  • Pr. Wilma Garing
  • Pr. Beverly Wallace


New Location in 2024:  Columbus, GA!!!


We are excited to announce that Synod Assembly is moving to a new location in 2024!!!  We are headed to Columbus, GA!!!

2024 Southeastern Synod Assembly

Columbus Georgia Convention and Trade Center

Columbus, GA

May 31 - June 2, 2024


Learn more about Columbus, GA, here:




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